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Can My Hamstrings Get Flexible Without Stretching?

I heard that you can get your hamstring flexible without stretching it. Is that true? Many people are interested in the hamstring flexibility and this question of “Can my hamstrings get flexible without stretching?” has been asked numerous times over the years. Just last week someone asked me this question. To which I had my … Continue reading

L-Inching Excellent Hamstring Flexibility Retention and Utilization Technique

Stretching alone is NOT enough! If you’re familiar with the EasyFlexibility system, you know that stretching alone is not enough. Even if you get flexible with Zaichik Stretching Techniques, you want to retain that flexibility for the next training session. Retaining flexibility is a huge component of any of the EasyFlexibility programs. Retaining hamstrings flexibility … Continue reading

About the author

Paul Zaichik is an Exercise Science Expert, author of multitude of books, and the creator of Zaichik Stretching Technique (formely known as Kinesiological Stretching Technique). His speciality is flexibility training as well as body weight conditioning. His innovative method is designed to have maximum carry over into specific athletic techniques. Paul is the author of books and DVD’s on the topic of flexibility, martial arts and bodyweight training. Over the years, Paul Zaichik has worked with a variety of individuals including athletes, entertainers, and military personnel. His ElasticSteel Method of Athletic Conditioning programs are used world wide by both professional and amateurs with great success.