How to learn to do the splits.

How to learn to do the splits Many people ask how to learn to do the splits. Today I will answer this question. Most of you already know that on this blog we usually talk about mastering the splits in depths. Such as Kinesiology, Biomechanics and Physiology of splits training. However, today we will talk … Continue reading

Why do your muscles shake during a stretching workout

Why do muscles shake during a stretching workout?

I got this question a few times: “Why do muscles shake during a stretching workout” and decided to answer it in today‚Äôs article. Muscles can shake during or after a stretching exercise just like they can shake during a strength training exercise. Strength Training vs Stretching Workout – Understand why your muscles shake Although, you … Continue reading

High Front Kick Anatomy

A Front Kick anatomy is a kick used by martial artists around the globe in which the knee is lifted forward while keeping the foot and shin either dropping freely or pulled to the hip, and then straightening the leg in front of the executor and striking the target. After striking the target, the leg … Continue reading

Paul Zaichik

Paul Zaichik is an Exercise Science Expert, author of multitude of books, and the creator of the Zaichik Stretching Technique (formerly known as Kinesiological Stretching Technique). His specialty is flexibility training as well as body weight conditioning. His innovative method is designed to have maximum carry over into specific athletic techniques. Paul is the author of books and over a 100 video training programs on the topic of flexibility, martial arts and bodyweight training.

Over the years, Paul Zaichik has worked with a variety of individuals including athletes, entertainers, and military personnel. His ElasticSteel Method of Athletic Conditioning programs are used world wide by both professional and amateurs with great success.