Hamstring Stretch Goals – HOW FAR SHOULD YOU GO?

For the splits the goal is easy to understand: 180 degree split, with one leg is in straight line with the other.

But what is the optimal or maximum goal for the hamstrings or the hamstring?

It is known that there are variations in ratio between the torso and the legs.

Just because one person can do something as far as hamstring stretch is concerned, does that mean that another person can achieve the same thing? And what is that optimal achievement there?

The short answer is: When you are working on your hamstring flexibility, to bend forward in half with straight body.

In other words, bending at your back and touching your head to your knees with straight legs it’s not the same as touching your whole leg with your whole front of the torso.

In the second example where the body is straight there is a greater demonstration of hamstring stretching results as opposed to when the spine is severely flexed or curved forward.

Hamstrings Intermediate

Enjoy a complete follow-along workout for fast hamstrings flexibility tailored for intermediate students. A lot of people hold back because of a purely psychological barrier or as runners like to call it – ‘when they hit the wall’. But we’ll help you push through this and overcome every obstacle along the way! 

You can count on Zaichik Stretching to connect you to your own body and mind. You’ll start to understand your body language and correctly assess your capabilities to know just how far you can go.

How far can I get my head to my feet?

Another common question that comes up is: “How far can I get my head to my feet? Can everyone do that? I’ve seen people do that, but maybe I just have long legs and short torso. I can get flexible. But, no matter what I do, I will not get my head to my toes?”

I recall during one of my seminars, a student was sitting on the floor with her legs straight. She bent forward and touched her head to her toes. Another student looking at her, said “I could never do that, I have long legs”.

However, during one of the shoots, several years later, one of the models who was very flexible and had long legs, was able to place her body completely flat on her legs. She was not able to touch the top of her head to her toes. And she assured me that she will never be able to do that. But the distance between her head and her toes was minimal. I told her that if she were to improve her ankle flexibility she would then be able to place her head on her toes.

Zaichik Stretching Techniques

In the EasyFlexibility system we have special stretching techniques known as ZST’s (Zaichik Stretching Techniques). One of these techniques called ~Harmony~ ZST was a perfect fit for this person’s issues. I had her do 5 rounds of ~Harmony~ ZST followed by supporting exercises. Lo and behold, as I have explained to her earlier, she was able to touch her toes with the top of her head.

So, for example in standing position which we did not test with her only sitting, any person with very flexible hamstrings should be able to place their head very close to the floor.

If you want to take your flexibility to the maximum level, going beyond touching your knees to your head, or touching your head to your shin just below the knees, touching your toes with the top of your head would be your next goal.

To learn more about forward bends and how to perfect your hamstrings flexibility, we invite you to register for our EasyForward Bend Online Training Certification Course. This course goes in depths into everything you need to do to be able to do, and teach others to do perfect forward bends.

The purpose of this certification is to learn how to master and teach a PROPER COMPLETE forward bend or forward fold.

What is a proper and complete forward bend or forward fold?
 This is when your spine is absolutely straight and the whole flexibility of the forward bend comes from your hips. This is learning how to not simply touch your fingers to your toes not touch your head to your knees but your whole straight torso from your stomach to your chest is making full contact with your straight legs without any gap.

In this course you will learn Zaichik Stretching Techniques for each muscle group, level by level. Zaichik Stretching Techniques allow you to see the progress with every training session. You will also learn a variety of specialty proprietary supporting exercises, that develop the strength, and help the body to adapt to newly and newly founded freedom in your hamstrings.

The EASY Forward Bending Certification Course is unique in that its the first certification that comes with animated as well as human demonstrations of Zaichik Stretching Techniques to make sure that you do them optimally and get the most benefits.

This certification course will help you to lengthen your muscles one by one to quickly develop and support flexibility necessary to do a perfect, beautiful, straight back, head to feet, forward bends.

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