Tight hamstrings? Are your hamstrings very tight? This special stretching technique will release them!

Special stretching technique for people with very tight hamstrings.

Over the past 8 years I have been researching the proper sequence for optimal forward bending and back bending progression. I wanted to develop exact scientific, tested flexibility sequences that EasyFlexibility certified instructors would be able to use to rapidly increase their students forward and back bending flexibility.

While the EasyFlexibility Zaichik Stretching Techniques were unveiled to the world in 2014, our EasyBackbending Certification Course has only been released in 2020, 6 years later.

We have recorded the EasyFlexibility EasyForward Bend Hamstrings Certification Course as well. However, I felt, that it needed more work. I wanted to be sure that the system was perfect to deliver maximum flexibility gains in shortest period of time, safely, steadily, and easily.

~Peace-Content Hybrid~ ZST.

EasyFlexibility stretching programs, which we have developed specifically for the EasyForward Bend Hamstrings Flexibility Instructor Certification Course is the ~Peace-Content Hybrid~ ZST.

I have spent time working with people with especially tight hamstrings, trying to find a good technique to help them start in releasing their hamstring tightness. And the ~Peace-Content Hybrid~ ZST showed to be very effective for their hamstrings challenges.

Hamstrings Intermediate

Enjoy a complete follow-along workout for fast hamstrings flexibility tailored for intermediate students. A lot of people hold back because of a purely psychological barrier or as runners like to call it – ‘when they hit the wall’. But we’ll help you push through this and overcome every obstacle along the way! 

You can count on Zaichik Stretching to connect you to your own body and mind. You’ll start to understand your body language and correctly assess your capabilities to know just how far you can go.

This is why it works so well for beginners with very tight hamstrings!

The reason that ~Peace-Content Hybrid~ ZST works so well for beginners with very tight hamstrings is because it is a natural position for people with very tight hamstrings. When asked to lift the leg, someone whose hamstrings are super stiff, will naturally lift their leg in the direction that you see demonstrated in the ~Peace-Content Hybrid~ ZST. It is not a flexion of the hip nor is it an abduction of the hip, the position calls for the leg to be lifted in the between.

Having observed this phenomenon multiple times, where people attempting to do the ~Peace~ ZST or ~Content~ ZST would naturally gravitate to this “middle line”, I decided to test the ~Peace-Content~ position and it worked exceptionally well for people with extremely tight hamstrings.

~Peace-Content~ ZST is a great technique to start to learn the movement. Get the confidence. And start developing flexibility before starting to isolate the lateral Hamstrings or the medial Hamstrings. Also, in this position’s slight variations are available. In other words how much of a flexion and how much of abduction the hip joint is in.

~Peace-Content~ ZST is part of the Very Beginner Level which is part of the EasyForward Bend Hamstrings Flexibility Instructor Certification Course. I invite you to try this technique and let us know how it goes for you in the comments below.

To Perfom the ~Peace-Content Hybrid~ ZST:

Starting Position:

Place the heel of your foot on a chair or another stable object while standing.

1st Leverage Move:

Bend the knee slightly, keep your torso as straight as possible.

1st Target Move:

As you bend the knee lean toward the leg, until you feel the resistance.

2nd Leverage Move:

Again, extend the leg,

2nd Target Move:

As you bend the knee lean a little bit closer to your leg.

3rd Leverage Move:

One more time, extend the knee.

3rd Target Move:

And bend the knee leaning a little bit closer to your leg.

If you want to improve your hamstrings flexibility, the following programs will help you get flexible fast. These are a great programs to work on and even start with since hamstrings are such a major muscle group. The flexibility and strength level of your hamstrings affect and influence your performance in all aspects of your life, not just kicks or splits, not just dance, gymnastics, or martial arts techniques. Tight and weak hamstrings can cause a lot of problems, the most well-known being lower back pain.

How do I pick the right level for me?

In order to pick the right level you can do a simple test. Answer this question: can you reach your toes having legs straight either sitting or standing?

1. If you are not at all close then the Beginner Level is for you.

2. If you can reach your toes, or are almost there, then the Intermediate Level is for you.

3. If you can place palms flat on the floor, and can’t really feel a strong stretch or you do but you can hold it comfortably for 30 seconds, then the Advanced Level is for you.

At Intermediate and Advanced levels one can also train for splits (click here).

Choose Your Hamstrings Flexibility Program and Take Your Skills to the Next Level!!!

Hamstrings Beginner Level Program

Most people simply don’t know where to start when it comes to working on hamstrings flexibility. It’s tough being a beginner and that applies to every field. But that’s why we’re here to help!

Our highly-structured program works with people to guide them down the path of least resistance for visible, lasting and fast resThis is the surest, fastest way for beginners to start seeing some results immediately after starting.

Hamstrings Intermediate Level Program

Each of the exercises in the package targets a specific group of muscles for an optimally balanced workout. This allows for even spread of the applied pressure and ensures your entire body actively participates in the routine. We’ll help you work your way to success – one sweat at a time.

Our carefully structured routine prepares the body for what’s coming next by relaxing, stretching and flexing all muscles individually. If you’re committed to a goal you’ll do the smart thing and do it right – from start to finish. No excuses!

Hamstrings Advanced Level program

The Advanced Hamstrings routine is for those of you who are familiar with the Zaichik Stretching techniques and can comfortably implement the routine. It takes things up a notch by introducing muscle contraction in addition to muscle action for an even more intense workout.

Our Advanced Hamstrings program helps you develop full control and strength of the hip. This is the surest way to nail it the next time you’re put in the spotlight!

Hamstrings Double Stretch Program

Testing the flexibility of both hamstrings at the same time has been known as the standard bench mark of flexibility for generations. In yoga this position is practiced standing, sitting, laying down, etc. Here is a list of some of them.

The challenge here is obvious. Two legs have to be stretched at the same time, with all the muscles restricting the hip flexion, are now times two. Because of such a high resistance, trying to master double hamstrings stretch incorrectly, will force the more flexible part of the body to give, and unfortunately that is the lower back.

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