Proper Stretching Order of 4 Hip Muscle Groups. Can You Stretch Them All At The Same Time?

How do I open my hips?

I get this question a lot and since I’ve been in the field of stretching flexibility for many years I still get a question when it’s phrased in a specific way it’s confusing to me because I don’t know what people are really asking.

The question is “How do I open my hips”? At EasyFlexibility we have programs for each of the hip muscles, such as adductors, hip flexors or glutes. But when people use the phrase “How do I open my hips” it’s hard to tell what exactly do they mean. Do they want to be able to do a butterfly? A side split? Get flexible hip flexors? Or have a good turnout?

To get a better understanding so that I recommend the right program, I usually ask “Which muscles do you want to stretch? What is it that you want to do? What is your goal? Or what is it that you cannot do?” And 70 to 80% of the time the answer I get is “I want to be able to do everything. I want flexibility in all hip muscles, all of them”.

With EasyFlexibility programs we like to deliver flexibility results fast and safe, and a response of “I want flexibility in all the muscles” poses a problem. You see, the reason for this is because the muscles involved here are big muscles. You will see in a moment why it matters that these are big muscles. And there are many of them, there are 4 adductors, and 6 hip flexors, 4 hamstrings (although only 3 of them affect the hip), gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, gluteus maximus, deep six external rotators, etc.

The reason our programs are so effective is because we isolate each muscle at a time.

The reason our programs are so effective is because we isolate each muscle at a time. We don’t just do a lunge stretch and try to get all the hip flexors and a bunch of adductors at the same time. Which usually doesn’t go anywhere we isolate them and we see progress fast. But, because we isolate it takes time. Of course as you get better and better it takes less and less time but it still takes time if let’s say you’re doing a stretch for one hip flexor vs you doing 10 stretches. Now imagine if you’re doing a stretch for every muscle that takes a long time. So, instead, we focus on specific group of muscles, quickly develop flexibility there and move onto other group of muscles. There is a positive reinforcement because the flexibility is visible right away. The flexibility gained is maintained, so you keep it from session to session. Which keeps you motived to continue stretching and achieve your goals a lot faster than with any other system.

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“I don’t care how long it takes; I still want to work on all of the muscles at the same time”

However, we usually don’t work on all the muscles at the same time because it takes a long time. Now somebody might say “I don’t care how long it takes; I still want to work on all of the muscles at the same time”

The second issue with trying to work on all hip muscles at the same time is that these are big muscles, a lot of mass, and when you do strength and flexibility exercises for them, and all our programs combine strength and flexibility. This works better than just stretching. What ends up happening is there are physiological changes in the muscles and they adjust to what you want from them. Those changes require Substance and that substance comes in form of food. So the more muscles you work on the less each muscle has to adjust, less nutrition it’s going to get and this will slow down the progress.

So even if you decide that you are going to spend that time and do all the Zaichik Stretching Techniques, all the supporting exercises, all the hip muscle is single workout, there will be a slow progress. This has been tested, and we’ve discovered it’s always better to focus on either the hip flexors or adductors, or the hamstrings, or the glutes, etc.,

Keeping in mind that exercises are exercises, besides needing the nutrition for recovery, you need more nutrition for the energy to actually train. To do the ZST’s. To do the supporting exercises. And if you’ve never tried Zaichik Stretching Techniques before you may be thinking “what energy does stretching take?”. Well ZST’s is not your typical stretching. In the Zaichik Stretching System you don’t just sit there holding a stretch for a long time hoping that your muscles will stretch. ZST’s are movement based, and movement takes energy.

“Can I stretch all the hip muscles at the same time and if not, how do I prioritize?”

If you decide to get the entire hip combo you may have a question of which program to do first. Based on my experience you would want to start with the glutes program, follow with the hamstrings program, then the adductors program, and then the hip flexors program.

If you wish to do two programs at the same time you would do the glutes and the iliotibial program together with the hamstrings program. Master the flexibility of your glutes, and your hamstrings, maintain this flexibility and then work on the flexibility of your adductors and your hip flexors together.

Hip Combo – Beginner Level
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