Developpe A La Seconde Muscle Anatomy

Developpe A La Seconde is classic technique seen throughout adagio and jumps. It is basically changing the position from the first to the other and the final position being the extension of the leg. ‘Developpe’ means ‘develop to the second’.

Developpe is a ballet technique of extending the leg to the side. It begins with the fifth position.

Strength, balance, control, awareness and of course flexibility are factors needed to extend the leg high, with grace. At the same time full control of the movement and holding the leg vertical is what all ballet dancers strive for.

This graceful move requires a ton of practice and proper progression in addition to the correct knowledge about the muscles involved. This article is all about the muscles that are involved in the Developpe , so let’s start.

Supporting Leg Muscles Contracting while Lengthening

Hamstrings (All four heads):

Hamstrings extend the hip joint while bending the knee as well and assist in hip rotation. The Hamstrings of the supporting leg while executing the Developpe A La Seconde, are lengthening while contracting eccentrically.

Gluteus Medius and Minimus:

Both these muscles are abductors, extensors and internal rotators of the hip joint. They are also undergoing eccentric contraction and being lengthened.

Deep six Lateral Rotators:

Lateral rotation of the supporting leg is a must to execute the Developpe A La Seconde perfectly. The six Lateral Rotators are also contracting eccentrically while lengthening.

Supporting Leg Muscles Holding


Soleus is a powerful plantar flexor. It will assisting to hold the position of supporting leg as shown.


Gastrocnemius is also a plantar flexor that will be holding the position in the supporting leg.

Supporting Leg Muscles Lengthening

Adductor Brevis:

Adductor Brevis helps in adducting legs together, and Developpe A La Seconde is the exact kind of move where it’s flexibility will be tested as it will be lengthening.

Adductor Magnus:

Adductor Magnus is the prime adductor of the leg. It will also get stretched just like Adductor Brevis.

Adductor Longus:

Another adductor muscle that will be stretched during the execution of this Ballet move.


This strap muscle is also an adductor of the leg and here particularly, it is being lengthened.


Pectineus is an adductor as well as a flexor of the hip joint. It is also getting lengthened in the supporting leg during Developpe A La Seconde.

Tibialis Anterior:

Tibialis Anterior dorsiflexes the foot but during the execution of Developpe A La Seconde, the supporting foot needs to be plantar flexed all the way, that’s why, Tibialis Anterior is lengthening here.

Lifted Leg Muscles Holding the Position


Quadriceps are the prime flexors of the thigh and their flexion is very important to hold the position of the lifted leg.


Psoas Muscles also help in flexing the thigh at hip joint and lifting it towards the body.


Ilacus works with the Psoas muscles in flexing the thigh towards the core, hence a key muscle in Developpe A La Seconde.

Tensor Fascia Lata:

Tensor Fascia Lata is a flexor of the hip joint as well as an abductor of the leg. Flexion of the leg is our main focus here in Developpe A La Seconde, so it is doing it’s part.

Gluteus Maximus (upper fibers):

Upper fibers of Gluteus Maximus can abduct the leg as well as laterally rotate it.


Piriformis does a very major function. It abducts the leg in the flexed position, assisting a ton during Developpe A La Seconde.

Gluteus Medius:

A La Seconde

Gluteus Medius also helps to hold the position by abducting the leg.

Gluteus Minimus:

A La Seconde

It is also an abductor of the leg that holds the position of Developpe A La Seconde.


A La Seconde

Soleus plantar flexes the foot and this is a major movement in the execution of a perfect Developpe A La Seconde.


A La Seconde

It is a strap like muscle that helps in flexion of the thigh.

Lifted Leg Muscles Lengthening

Adductor Brevis:

A La Seconde

Just as in supporting leg, the Adductors of the lifted leg also get stretched. Adductor Brevis is one of them.

Adductor Magnus:

A La Seconde

It is the prime adductor of the leg that will also be lengthened.

Adductor Longus:

A La Seconde

The third adductor in the list, lengthening here.


Muscles Lengthening

Gracilis is another adductor of the leg and a quite powerful one.


A La Seconde

Pectineus is the also being lengthened for being involved in the adduction of the leg.


Muscles Lengthening

As the leg gets flexed during the execution of Developpe A La Seconde, the Hamstrings that are extensors of the leg get lengthened.

Tibialis Anterior A La Seconde:

Tibialis Anterior

Tibialis Anterior just like in the supporting leg will be lengthened for being a dorsiflexor.

Core Muscles Involved

Rectus AbdominisA La Seconde:

A La Seconde

Rectus Abdominis helps in forward bending of the trunk. It will assist in achieving the required position as shown.

Quadratus Lumborum A La Seconde:

A La Seconde

Quadratus Lumborum bends the spine sideways and assists in getting into the position the person executing the Developpe A La Seconde is in. While the opposite Quadratus Lumborum is getting stretched.

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Spinal Extensors:

Spinal Extensors

Spinal Extensors extend the spine so that correct posture is maintained during this dance move.

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