Planche Muscle Anatomy: How to Planche Progression Muscle Anatomy

Planche Muscle Anatomy

Planche Muscle Anatomy: In Gymnastics as well as in Calisthenics, there is a move that enables the body to be held parallel to the ground while the arms provide all the strength to levitate the body above. This is called a “Planche”.

Anyone witnessing a full Planche for the first time is mesmerized by this surreal exhibition of strength. But Planche is not easy to execute. You need strength in some special muscles all around the body that we are going to discuss in this article.

Without the correct knowledge, many people have injured their neck and shoulders by trying Planche and holding it. Planche is so mystical that very few people know how to train properly for it and in what progression.

Let’s start muscle anatomy behind Planche.

Upper Body Muscles contracting:

The Muscles present towards the upper limb and the trunk of the body are under great stress during executing Planche. So, their strength is very important for the perfect and safe execution of Planche. The main muscles involved are:

Finger Flexors:

Finger Flexors

Finger Flexors help in anchoring the hand on the ground by flexing the fingers towards the ground, therefore, help in having support while doing Planche. These are Flexor Digitorum Profundus and Flexor Digitorum Superficialis.

Wrist Flexors:

Wrist Flexors

Wrist has to be flexed during Planche as you can see in the picture. So, the Wrist Flexors (Flexor Carpi Radialis & Flexor Carpi Ulnaris) need strength they can flex the wrist.



The Biceps flexes the elbow joint. As you can see, a slight flexion does happen at the elbow during Planche so Biceps is playing its part here.



Another muscle that flexes the elbow just as Biceps is Brachialis.



It also flexes the elbow so the combination for these three elbow flexors need to be strengthened during a Planche.


It is a triangular muscle with great importance in Planche and consists of Anterior, Middle and Posterior fibers. In Planche specifically, the anterior and middle fibers are important. Anterior fibers flex the arm at shoulder joint and middle fibers abducts it.

Pectoralis Major:

Pectoralis Major

This large muscle extends across upper part of chest and is attached to the Humerus hence functioning as an adductor and depressor of the arm. Due to this reason, an important muscle during Planche.



It is another flexor and adductor of arm that plays an important role in Planche.

Pectoralis Minor:

Pectoralis Minor

It is an important muscle that plays part in stabilization of scapula as well as its depression, abduction and protraction to reach a favourable position of scapula as in a Planche.

Serratus Anterior:

Planche Muscle Anatomy

The “Boxing Muscle” is required during executing Planche as it protracts the scapula that is important for this move.

Spine and Neck Muscles contracting:

Cervical Extensors Planche Muscle Anatomy:

Planche Muscle Anatomy

As you can see in the image, the neck is required to be in an erect position in Planche so here Cervical Extensors play a great role.

Spinal Extensors Planche Muscle Anatomy:

Planche Muscle Anatomy

To reach this parallel position, Spinal Extensors are very important so that they can extend the spine making the body straight during Planche.

Leg Muscles contracting:

Gluteus Maximus Planche Muscle Anatomy:

Planche Muscle Anatomy

This hip mucle plays its part by extending the hip joint making the leg straight. Hence, it is also important for maintaining the straight and parallel position of the body during Planche.


Planche Muscle Anatomy

The Medial and Lateral Hamstrings also extend the hip joint just like Gluteus Maximus.

Calf MusclesPlanche Muscle Anatomy:

Planche Muscle Anatomy

These Muscles plantarflex the foot thus maintaining the typical posture of a Planche.

The strength of all these muscles is very important and reflects in the technique of you Planche.

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