The Final Turnout: Improve Your Turnout

Final Turnout

Final Turnout: So by now you have tried the Turned Out Incline Plane (TIP) from here.

Chances are you got cramps trying to hold a full turnout that we dealt with in the previous article. If not – Congratulations. You are ready for the next step of moving your foot partially off the blocks. We will talk to those of you who are ready for this in the next newsletter.

But for now, let’s answer the question presented yesterday.

What were those antagonists that cause those cramps? We know that the muscles that cramped up are the extensors and lateral rotator of the hips. So who are their “line of pull enemies” or antagonists?

Improve Your Final Turnout

They are the flexors and medial rotators of the hip:

  • All 4 adductors (Brevis, Longus, Magnus and Gracilis) flex the hip and rotate it medially. Tightness in any one of them can put up enough of a fight to cause the cramps.
  • Pectineus, which is technically a hip flexor also medially rotates and flexes the hip.
  • Tensor Fascia Latae is a medial rotator as well as a flexor of the hip. This muscle strongly dislikes the Turn Out Position. First Position especially.
  • Other medial rotators such as the gluteus medius and minimus as well as the medial hamstrings may not be super happy in turnout, but don’t pull too hard as that can cause cramps.
Final Turnout: Improve Your Turnout

So if you want to reduce the cramps in your turnout, work on these guys first:

  1. Adductor Longus
  2. Adductor Brevis
  3. Adductor Gracilis
  4. Pectineus
  5. Tensor Fascia Latae

Zaichik Stretching Techniques are designed to lengthen each one separately and quickly. 

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Final Turnout

Final Turnout: Improve Your Turnout

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