Recent Findings on Causes of Tight Hip Flexors and Simple Solutions

auses of Tight Hip Flexors

Causes of Tight Hip Flexors: In this article I won’t even talk about Zaichik Stretching Techniques. A lot of people still use the simple lunge stretch to lengthen their hip flexors. And I will help you make it work for you.

You see most people can sit in a straddle for a long time. But the lunge stretch is pretty uncomfortable. And most people get pain or spasms in their back. This quickly stops the stretch. Who wants to be in pain, right?

The spasm can be in same side or opposite side.

So if you are stretching the right hip, you may feel right sided pain or left sided. Both are uncomfortable and there is different solution for each.

causes of Tight Hip Flexors: Opposite Side Pain:

  • This is caused by the psoas pulling to the same side.

Solution is to use the wall. Pressing the torso not only up, but to the opposite side, taking the work away from the lower back. Here is how to do it.

Same Side Pain:

  • This caused by the back hyper extending.

Solution is to contract the glute on the same side. And if the pain is on both sides. Apply both corrections. And if you want to stretch even faster and easier. Try Separating each muscle out for faster and more comfortable results.

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