Differences between Pectineus ZST and Tensor fascia latae ZST

Pectineus ZST 

(Zaichik Stretching Technique) is often confused with the Tensor Fascia Latae ZST. The difference is not very subtle. It’s visible but amongst so many ZST’s in different positions of the body one has to understand why Tensor fascia latae ZST is different from Pectineus ZST.

For reference in EasyFlexibility system Pectineus ZST is called Certainty, and Tensor fascia latae ZST is called Courage.

Most muscles are flexors of the hip and for that reason there is a strong extension component, either in Target or in the Laverage. More often than not this component is used in the Target.

The fact that both muscles are flexors of the hip and the extension is used to stretch them both muscles are medial rotators so a latteral rotation is used either in a Target or in a Laverage, as another component.

Most people starting out with these two ZST will use lateral rotation as the Laverage. The difference between the two muscles is that Pectinius is also an adductor while Tensor Fascia Latte besides being a hip flexor is also and abductor.

Pectineus ZST

So adductions is completely opposite of the abduction and for this reason of course this is how we separate the two techniques. You see if a muscle is allowed to do what it wants to do, taking the rotation aside, Pectineus will flex the hip and adduct it, while Tensor fascia latae will flex the hip and abduct it. So to stretch the pectineus, for our target we must combine the extension together with abduction and to stretch the Tensor fascia latae we must combine the extension together with the adduction.

And thus, for pectineus we turn slightly toward the rear leg, and for Tensor fascia latae we turn slightly away from the rear leg. When an EasyFlexibility instructor says “lunge position turn slightly” simply pay attention to which direction he is asking you to turn, that is the main difference.

Once that turn is completed the body will move in the same direction for the target and the leverage will be moved exactly the same for both techniques, the position will be different. And that position of the exercise is what’s going to separate Courage from Certainty, or Tensor fascia latae from Pectineus.

Watch at these two exercises in action:



As thousands of people have already experienced, targeting each muscle individually using ZST’s is a lot more effective for faster flexibility gains then attempting to stretch all the muscles at the same time.

Read More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tensor_fasciae_latae_muscle

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Pectineus ZST 

Pectineus ZST
Pectineus ZST

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