Suspended Split Progression (Step by Step Guide)

Suspended Split Progression (Step by Step Guide)

Suspended Split Progression: Today I will give you a split progression method for achieving the Suspended Split. I got requests to make a tutorial on it, and here it is. Regardless if you are training for a career in aerial arts or fancy yourself of being Jean Claude Van Damme (in Bloodsport, Cyborg, Kickboxer, Black Eagle… did I miss any?), here is how you do it.

Split Progression – Choose Your Split. 

Suspended Split Progression

Any split can be suspended. Side Split, Squared or Turned Out Front Split. So pick one or work on all of them. My advice is at least a slight over split. Just to give you a room to maneuver. 

If you have a split, simply do a standing split and hold it. Not too wide, just enough where you are comfortable.


  • A good warm up, will get you greater results.
  • Use the same warm up as in the corresponding split program. The Side Split Program warm up for the Side Split, etc. 

(You can find the Front & Side Splits Training Combo here.)

How Long?

You are probably wondering how long to hold each position before trying a deeper one. At least 30 seconds. 45-60 seconds is even better.

If you can’t COMFORTABLY hold a position for at least 30 seconds. You really should move your feet closer together and try that.

Comfortably doesn’t mean shaking and grinding teeth. It means, “you know you are not sitting on a couch, but you are not about to fatigue and fall down either”.
It will take a few attempts over several days or weeks, to get comfortable. Depending on your current strength of course.

Suspended Split Progression

A Second Method

The second method can be started after you can hold a pretty low split OR at the same time. It develops balance in addition to strength.

This method requires two objects to be placed under your legs. Starting from under the knees and moving out little by little. 30 seconds rule is still in effect.

  • If you can’t split comfortably for 30 seconds. Bring the objects at little closer.
  • To be safe aim for 45-60 seconds holds.
  • If you can do that, move the objects wider apart.

Quick mention

There is another method. It works, but it is a bit riskier. I did not include it for that reason. I will mention it here though. Proceed with caution.
This method calls for manual assistance, which decreases over time. This means you place your feet on the objects and hold on to another stable object with your hands. Arms assistance removes resistance from the legs. As legs get stronger, arms help less and less.

Suspended Split Progression

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