If I can do one type of split, why can’t I do another type of split? Part 2

do one type of split

can do one type of split..

Last time we talked about forward splitters, who can’t do a middle split and why.

Today we’ll talk about the middle splitters, who seems to not be able to master the right/left frontal splits.

I have met quite a few of these athletes. Martial artists, dancers, cheerleader, pole dancer and even yogis.

So what would hold a middle splitter back from a True Front Split? (Hips Squared). As you already know (or will find out right now) the side (straddle) splitters just need flexible inner thigh muscles, plus one hip flexor (pectineus) and inner hamstrings to a moderate degree.

the flexibility of virtually all hip joint muscles

A good functional TFS (True Front Split) requires the flexibility of virtually all hip joint muscles. (Glutes being stretched the least)

And a Straddle splitter does not need the flexibility of many of them.

does not need the flexibility of many of them

This is to say that even a structural TFS splitter needs deep total hamstrings flexibility.“Total” is the key here.This is because middle split does not require lateral hamstrings (Biceps Femoris) and TFS does. This muscle alone is enough to stand in a way.

can do one type of split

I have trained many people, to get a TFS from Center Split, simply by lengthening the lateral hamstring with ZST’s. (Zaichik Stretching Techniques)
Of course, their front split was Functional (red) and not a Structural one (blue) (see the difference here).

can do one type of split

But still a front split. Some of them later worked on their hip flexors flexibility to get a real front squared front split.

Try This Exercise

Try this ZST called ~Harmony~ for the front leg and ~Stability~ for the rear leg, if you are looking to convert your Straddle Split into a Front Split. For the full program see below.

can do one type of split

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can do one type of split

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