Developpe Content: Does your leg feel heavy while doing a Developpe?

leg feel heavy

Does Your Leg Feel Heavy: Would you like to know how to solve this?
Then take a look at the ZST technique called Content.

Does Your Leg Feel Heavy: The EasyFlexibility ZST is performed in two steps which repeat for a few reps: first extend your leg as if you were kicking up with your heel, allowing a very light stretch, and as you come back to the starting position bring your leg closer to your torso. You will notice that this actually comes naturally and that you can get deeper and deeper with every rep.

Remember to do both sides and start slow listening to your body!

It’s an exercise from the EasyFlexibility method which targets the muscles responsible for this issue: the semimembranosus and semitendinosus muscles, better known as Inner Hamstrings.

These muscles are situated on the back of the thigh, extending from the tuberosity of the ischium down just below the knee joint, on the medial aspect of the posterior surface.

targets the muscles responsible for this issue

Since they are big muscles, they are usually what people have the most trouble with, and they require a specialized approach.

Developpe A La Seconde is a ballet technique in extending the leg to the side.

Strengthbalancecontrolawareness, and of course flexibility are factors needed to extend the leg high, with grace. At the same time, full control of the movement and holding the leg vertical is what all ballet dancers strive for.

Strength, balance, control, awareness

A standard way to work the Developpe forward, to the side, or back into the Arabesque is through bar and partner flexibility drills. Practicing the technique over and over is often prescribed.

Developpe forward
Leg Feel Heavy

Most dancers improve Developpe A La Seconde using those, over a long period of time. Our approach is different. Our program develops very specific flexibility using kinesiological stretching techniques.

At the same time, the crucial short-range contraction and awareness of which muscles do the work are built through reciprocal inhibition. This develops the skill much faster and safer than the traditional stretch and do-over method.

Leg Feel Heavy

Developpe routine contains four steps. Each step allows the body to progress quickly in manageble increments, till full Developpe is mastered.

Leg Feel Heavy

Start your journey to a beautiful Developpe with this program today!!!

Leg Feel Heavy

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