Have you tried the exercise?

Have you tried the exercise

If not, look at last week’s article here.

How was it?

Did you face any of these commonly occurring issues?

The number one problem when doing a hip turnout properly through the hips is the same as in when doing the Turnout Incline Plane (TIP) on the Blocks:

Cramping in the hips

Most people assume that cramping is lack of strength. However, that is frequently not the case. Under normal conditions the given muscles are too strong to cramp, especially in dancers. More frequently, it’s lack of flexibility. Here is why. Let’s take ourselves out of the situation and observe another exercise as an example. This example will allow us to see what is going on clearly and without prejudice.

Have you tried the exercise

Developpe Devant– try to hold this position for a few seconds and you might get a cramp in your quadriceps. Why? After all, your quads are strong enough to do hundreds of Plies, without tiring. And they can’t lift your lower leg? Of course they can. The problem is the hamstrings are so tight that they make the work of the quadriceps impossible, causing them to cramp.

Same goes for the Turnout Incline Plane (TIP) on the Blocks. The antagonists to lateral rotators of the hip may just be too tight. Because the legs are in the hip extension position we have to see kinesiologicaly who is at fault here. The muscles that turn the hip in and flex the hip of course. Can you guess what those muscles are?

You will get the answer in tomorrow’s newsletter. Stay tuned.

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Have you tried the exercise

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Have you tried the exercise

Have you tried the exercise

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